The Wood Wizz Heavy Duty Flatbed Surfacing & Finishing Machine

Manufactured for the professional furniture maker, the cabinet maker and the saw miller who wants to value add his slabs and burls.

This patented machine has been designed for all wood workers, including furniture makers, cabinet makers, Wood Clubs, schools, home businesses and also for saw millers who wants to value add slabs and on-sell them for a better price and a higher profit with a lower labour input. The machine also allows you to carry out contract surfacing and finishing for other woodworkers. Once the speed and high quality finish on the wood becomes known, you will soon build up a good client base if you choose to.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, this sturdy machine handles everything from slabs to burls to tabletops, including recycled timber. The operator can adjust the speed when required to suit the job-piece and produce a perfect finish without any tear out, ridging or burn marks.

This heavy duty machine has been built using the latest high technology, equipment and superior components. These components are designed for a long life, rigidity and accuracy. The double gantry has a perfectly flat mounting surface for the precise linear bearing track and carrier. They have zero tolerance between the tracks and the bearings on the carrier. All this is to carry the weight and travel of the work head and keep it and the planer cutter perfectly aligned to the job piece.

The Z axis of the work head is set up with linear bearings and tracks the same as CNC machines. The gantry bearing tracks are made from ground stainless steel to ensure a rust free and long wearing life. We do not run bearings on mild steel as this allows for wearing and inaccurate results and a very short working life. The frame is manufactured using Duragal steel which is then powder coated for a long life and a quality finished machine.

The machine is simple to assemble and use. It runs smoothly, quietly and is very quick with barely any dust escaping our dust shield. The machine comes with a dust tube control tower and pivoting arm that follows the work head around.

The machine only requires single phase 240 volt power which is supplied through an inverter. (Inverter included in the control box.) The inverter will change the single phase power to 3 phase power. The inverter also allows the inclusion of motor speed control. This is important for slowing the speed down for heavy cutting and a higher speed for finishing. This produces a very fine, high quality finishing cut. Variable speed also ensures the correct speed and constant pressure when sanding

The power head is a 2.2 KW (3 ¼ HP) variable speed motor and can rev out to 5500 RPM. Also available is a 3 phase 4KW (5 ½ HP) variable speed motor with a larger cutter. The motor is the highest quality motor on the market and has been chosen because of the power to weight ratio allowing ease of operation and a very long motor life.

The large heavy duty planer was designed at our factory especially for high quality surface planing. The shape of the cutter and the speed that was achieved was far better than larger sized planers. It has been designed to have a very long working life and will last for years and should never have to be removed from the motor shaft under normal work conditions. The cutter has 4 sided replaceable inserts on the end of each flute. When one cutting edge becomes blunt it is only a matter of loosening the screws in the centre of the inserts and by rotating them 90 deg and retightening the screws you have a new set of sharp cutters again. This is a quick operation. Our aim is to keep the down time as low as possible.

The cross feed is controlled by the handle at the top. The width of each cut is pre-determined by the gauge rack and the cutting width is set to give the optimum finish cut. There is no need to worry about how wide to make the next cut as it is already pre-set.

Stairs finished with the Wood Wizz.

The circular handle at the top is for setting the depth of the cut. The depth of each cut will depend on the type of wood being worked and the travel speed of the gantry.

When the surface is planed level, the 205mm orbital sanding disc is fitted into the cutter. The cutter stays in place and the sanding disc fits neatly up into it. This allows a quick change over from cutting to sanding. The sanding disc has velcro on the face to give a positive grip and a quick change of the sandpaper. Due to the fine finish of the cutter, without any tear-out, there is no need to constantly use heavy grit sandpaper to remove cutter marks, ridging or tear-out.

As well as high quality surfacing and sanding of timbers, the machine has the ability to check out posts to take rails and other similar applications.

There is as an optional extra, a tool that can be placed into the existing cutter that is used to edge timber so that it can be joined together perfectly. Another optional extra is a crane for lifting and turning slabs. This crane is bolted to the side of the machine. Our machinery comes complete, with the only add-on required is your own 2HP dust collector.

In the price of the machine there is a starter kit of sandpaper discs and also included are 10 extra cutter inserts (2 complete changes). We have these inserts available or they can be bought from any quality tool shop when you need them. We also supply 2 extra interface pads and a finishing pad. Replacement interface pads are readily available from us when required.

The machine is very quick, easy to operate and gives an excellent finish on slabs and burls. Due to the very high quality materials used, this machine will have a very long trouble free life with outstanding results on both the surfacing and finishing of your job pieces.

An added bonus is the very, very quiet operation when both surfacing and sanding, plus a cleaner and healthier working environment. This machine replaces thicknessers and a multiple of tools.