The Wood Wizz Handyman Surfacing & Finishing Machine

This machine is ideal for woodworkers who work from home , the hobbyist, schools, Wood clubs and Men’s sheds.

This patented machine has become a highly sought after and very popular machine for woodworkers who don’t have the work or the need for the Heavy Duty Flatbed Surfacing and Sanding machine. It is an economy built machine and is very sturdy, using the same principle as the Flatbed machine.

It is an excellent surfacing machine that will produce a level and ridge free surface of the highest quality very quickly. Due to the fine finish produced by the large planer head, there won’t be any need to use coarse grit sandpaper to take out cutting marks, ridging or tear-outs.

The machine works on the same X Y and Z axis system as the Heavy Duty Flatbed machine. It uses the same induction motor, large cutter and 205mm (8 inch) orbital sanding disc. The Handyman’s Machine is very user friendly and produces a quick and high quality finish on all timbers, burls and laminated jobs including recycled timber.

This machine produces a perfect finish on all timbers even fiddle – back and end grain woods. Laminated timber is done with ease, no matter how uneven. Stumps for table bases can be levelled and surfaced below the bench.

The steel rails are extremely sturdy and the double steel gantry beams that span the rails run on stainless steel running tracks to ensure that you won’t have deterioration or sagging due to pitting and rust. The built-in bench is bolted to the lower rails.

The surfacing attachment carriage, with the specially designed 3 HP (240 volt) single phase, single speed industrial induction motor, is fitted between the gantry beams in a sturdy carrier. The heavy duty planer head has 4 sided replaceable inserts on the end of each flute. These can be rotated 90o four times before they need replacing. This planer has proven to be the ideal size and shape for a high quality finish without tearing and ripping.

When the levelling of the timber has been completed, a sanding pad is quickly and easily screwed up through the planer head, without taking the planer head out. Velcro backed sandpaper discs are quickly removed from the pad and replaced as desired. This is the same system as the Heavy Duty Flatbed Machine.

Along the Gantry Beam is a gauge rack that pre-sets each cutting width. The motor carriage will automatically lock into the next cutting width on the gauge rack when you move the carriage across the Gantry Beams.This eliminates all guesswork leading to a perfect finish.

Rise and fall is carried out by the height adjustment handle on top of the unit. A very efficient dust tower is included to keep the dust hosing away from your work area on the machine and to ensure a cleaner and healthier working environment. The dust hosing is then attached to your own dust extractor wherever you have it placed.

This is an excellent and simple to assemble machine that will give you excellent surfacing and sanding results. An inverter can be added to allow for variable speed if requested. A 3 Phase motor would be included rather than a single phase motor. (You would still only require single phase power.)

This machine produces a very high quality finish on all job pieces and to allow woodworkers to work in a cleaner and healthier environment.