The Wood Wizz Surfacing & Finishing Gantry for Portable Saw Mills

For the saw miller who wants to value add slabs and burls and sell for their real worth. This attachment was designed to be used on Portable Sawmills to level and sand slabs of wood. The machine works on an X Y and Z axis system.

It is an excellent surfacing machine producing a level and ridge free surface of the highest quality in a very quick time. This is the same gantry that is used on the Handyman’s Slab Surfacing and Sanding machine. The Surfacing attachment is very user friendly and offers a quick and high quality finish to all timbers, burls and laminated jobs including recycled timber.

It is great for value adding slabs and helps to sell timber, as once levelled, buyers can see the true value of the timber. This machine produces a perfect ridge free finish on all timbers even fiddle – back and end grain timbers. It is also great on laminated timber, no matter how uneven.

The 3HP single phase, single speed (2.2kw) induction motor and carriage are carried by two connecting beams. The rollers on the beams run smoothly and easily along the side rails. The specially designed large planer has disposable inserts on the tips that can be turned 90o four times before they need replacing.

The planer does not need to be taken out after the levelling has been completed as the sanding disc quickly fits up through the cutter. The dust boot is then lowered to keep the dust contained so that it is taken away through the hosing.

Along the Gantry Beam is a gauge rack that pre-sets each cutting width. The motor carriage will automatically lock into the next cutting width when you move the carriage across the Gantry Beams. Rise and fall is carried out by the height adjustment handle on top of the unit.

There is provision to attach dust hosing to keep the dust away from your work area on the machine and to ensure a cleaner and healthier working environment. The dust hosing can then be attached to your own dust extractor, if desired.

This unit is also available with an inverter to allow for variable speed operation which is invaluable for the different varieties of slabs. This is an excellent surfacing and sanding attachment that is simple to assemble and operate.